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Overview of Saisho Blender S 2815:

Saisho Blender S 2815 is a convenient and efficient blender and its one of the most useful appliances which has 2 – in – 1 Grinder and blender function. It features healthy shakes which is essential for the body because they contain essential nutrients for healthy living. There are different types of food and they are prepared different ways. Saisho Blender S 2815has multi-function that allows you mix and crush ice in cocktails, emulsify mixture, make purees, and blend mixture of powders and granules together. Blend your pepper, melon, fruits to make smoothies, make cocktails, make juice amongst other things. If you are a coffee lover, grind coffee seeds, nuts, dried fruits and spices. You use the blender both in your home and commercial kitchen. Saisho Blender S 2815consists of housing, motor, blades, and food container. The blenders also help crush and emulsify food ingredients, such as fruits and yoghurts this gives the food smooth texture they are known for. The blades are made from stainless steel. An electric motor is secured into the housing and a small output shaft penetrates the upper housing and meshes with the blade assembly. It has an inner cap for adding ingredients while blending; you will always get your desired blend. No more grinding of pepper and other food the traditional ways. Decide the intensity and speed of the blending with the 2-speed level that has been made available. Its electrical part is very efficient and consumes low power. The circuit breaker is designed to prevent motor burnout from overloading. It has a very long life span because all the parts; from the steel cutting blades to the built-in circuit breaker are made of quality materials.


Brand: Saisho
Model: S-2815
Size: 1.0ltr
Blends & Grinds
Rolling cable storage
2 speed levels
Built-in circuit breaker
Weight: 1.5kg

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